We had a blast making explosive sound subversions to Jonathan's masterful tribute to Catsuka and minimalism.  


This one was a beast. We used so many strange samples (from old fax machines to hammer-tap field recordings of Buck's County, PA's Ringing Rocks) to sonically create the pigpenesque cloud of organized chaos that follows Jay, like an aura, through his brashly obnoxious and magical day. 


We love this one so much. For this delightful meditation on the musings of an odd pair of bird-watching brothers we made a lilting and lyrical, little, piano tune with just the right amount of existential dread hovering in the periphery. 

AOK . Iggy and Friends

Melancholic oboe ascends for a hilarious new mini-mini-series by my good friend, director, Joe Bennett. It also features spurts of joyous toy train twinkling, horrifying sound design blasts and uproarious adventure brass. Stay tuned for part III. 

Showtime . Shangri-La

Two moody ones from Showtime's Grammy Nominated docu-series about legendary producer Rick Rubin and his Malibu studio. The first is from a pivotal moment in Episode 3, a slow-mo recomposition of a Bach Fugue with glass organ. The second is an equally glassy percussive piece that accompanies Rick and SZA as they reconnect with the inner-world.  

FedEx . Dreams

Made for Barking Owl

Directed by Michel Gondry. We were able to get deeply textural with curling, spritely timbres, husky female vocals by Salami Rose Joe Louis and soaring strings that culminate into what sounds like a parade of toy trains chugging through Tin Pan Alley. 

Ugly Delicious . Netflix

Produced for Netflix by Academy Award winning Morgan Neville. This was a fantastically fun and freewheeling series to co-score, as it was not bound by genre or vibe.


This first clip (Transformation/June Baby) is probably my favorite cue we did for the whole series--honey sweet strings over a sobering arpeggio of pan drums.


The second clip (Naples) is just a good time. Funky, analog, slow churned. 

The third was actually from a simple exercise in improv I turned in during pre-production. I was floored when I saw how beautifully it was matched with the methodical hands-on preparation of cochinita pibil. 

GE . Unimpossible Missions . A Snowball's Chance in Hell

Made for Barking Owl

Probably one of my favorite spots we've done. Wilting strings melt into a chugging, hellscape-orchestra of scraping, churning, and moaning. So much fun! 


We did sound design for an extensive series of hilarious and creative short shorts by Joe Bennett for FX's anthology series, Cake.


The first in the franchise. I had so many laughs doing sound and music for Kristofski's non-erotic anti-thriller. The idea was to utilize sound design as part of the joke. I think we pulled it off. 

Squarespace . All In One

Made for Barking Owl

A fun funky one for Squarespace that haunted your every YouTube watch in the spring of 2019. This is the original version I submitted, timecode and all. Punchy mouth percussion, break-downs, and loads of wood block. Feast your ears.  


Made for Barking Owl

Some fun, whacky ones for renters. All performed on a 1989 Ensoniq SQ2 for maximum futurist vibes. 



Had a blast doing sound design and music amidst this chunk of surrealist madness. 

The Form of Space

Directed by Dr. D. Foothead, New Zealand's premier psychocartoonist. We travel through the cosmos with a stream of conscious parade of musical moods and styles, climaxing with a massive dollop of love infused future soul. 

Big Weather II / 

Two great collabs with amazing UK animator Sophie Koko Gates. Big Weather II garnered the coveted Vimeo Staff Pick. 

New Balance . We Are Not in Canada Anymore

Some down home, rustic, stomp-along business for this doc style NB spot.